Summer 2018

Instructor of Record
PSY 111 - Behavioral Neuroscience
The University of California, Santa Barbara

This course consists of an examination of major concepts in behavioral neuroscience. Topics may include: molecular bases of neuron function, neurotransmitter systems, sensory and motor systems, neural bases of learning, memory, and motivated behavior.

Summer 2017

Instructor of Record PSY 108 - Cognitive Psychology
The University of California, Santa Barbara

In this course, students learn the basics of cognitive psychology with a focus on the structure and function of the brain and its role in facilitating each of the major cognitive processes considered in the course (attention, pattern recognition, memory, imagery, language, problem solving, reasoning, decision making, and social cognition.

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Teaching Associate
MCOM 2320 - Writing for Media and Communication
Texas Tech University

Writing for Media and Communication is a course designed to develop written communication skills to prepare students for careers in media and communication. The central topics to be presented and discussed include: writing mechanics, and grammar, spelling, and punctuation; writing for informative, persuasive, and advertising media; writing for business communication; and academic writing in media and communication scholarship.